CDS Bipin Rawat Biography

CDS Bipin Rawat Biography[1958-2021]

One of the most important and powerful Army professionals of India was Bipin Rawat. he died on 08-12-2021 due to the crash of his helicopter. There was a total of 14 army staff were there in that helicopter including his wife Madhulika Rawat.

bipin rawat family |madhulika rawat family

Bipin Rawat family and Madhulika Rawat family are almost the same as they both are a couple. Bipin Rawat married to Madhulika Rawat and they have a beautiful family having 2 daughters.

bipin rawat age

Bipin Rawat age was just 63 years. He was still very energetic and enthusiastic.

He was full Josh and was the inspiration for others.

bipin rawat son | bipin rawat daughter

As far as the concern of Bipin Rawat son and Bipin Rawat daughter. Let me inform you General Bipin Rawat and his wife Madhulika Rawat don’t have any sons. they are blessed with two beautiful daughter named Kritika Rawat and tarini Rawat.

madhulika rawat age

Madhulika Rawat’s age was in between (50-60) years. We are not confirmed about her age, as we get the right age we’ll update.

CDS Bipin Rawat Birthday

CDS Bipin Rawat Birthday is on 16 March 1958. He was born in the holy place of puri in Uttrakhand.

CDS Bipin Rawat deathday

CDS Bipin Rawat’s death day is 08 December 2021. He died in an air accident due to a helicopter crash.

madhulika rawat son

She doesn’t have any son so madhulika Rawat’s son is not present. She has only two daughters.

bipin rawat family photo

We have a son very beautiful Bipin Rawat family photo.

Bipin rawat family photo (1)
Bipin Rawat family photo

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bipin rawat house

bipin Rawat house is really very beautiful and sightseeing. We have some photos of Bipin Rawat’s house.

cds bipin rawat salary 2020

CDS Bipin Rawat salary 2020 is not known but it lies in the range of 1-2 lakh per month [ not confirmed] plus many facilities.

How old is Bipin Rawat?

CDs Bipin Rawat was 63 years old right now.

how is Bipin Rawat now?

It is very bad news for the whole of India as Bipin Rawat left this world. He died on black day on 08 December 2021.

Where is Bipin Rawat from?

CDs Bipin Rawat was from puri, Uttrakhand.

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