khan sir Patna real name /real name of khan sir [Faizal khan/ Amit singh]

[Faizal khan Amit singh] khan sir real name | khan sir Patna real name?

Here is the answer to all questions and confusion for your queries Amit Singh khan sir, khan sir Patna, khan sir Patna real name, khan sir real name, Amit Singh, the real name of khan sir, and many more queries related to khan sir (khan gs research center Patna).

The most popular teacher of not even India but for the whole county now a day is no other than khan sir. Who does not watch his videos? of course everybody watches his videos from poor people to celebrities(Sonu Nigam) even the president and prime minister of India. his videos are also watched across the world, that’s why he is the most popular teacher on youtube or on the internet.

His knowledge level is very vast, also his teaching style is awesome so he becomes the favorite teacher of millions of peoples across the world in no time. Although this is because he is working very hard for all these achievements. but now his name becomes mysterious for all. everybody is very excited to know his name. but wait I am gonna expose his name with full proof.

About Khan sir Patna

Khan sir is a very funny teacher from Bihar. he teaches GS (general science) for all types of competitive exams like RRB, SSC, PSC, UPSC, etc. he is a very young teacher. he teaches more than 1500 students in a batch of his offline class. he teaches more than 1000000 students on his application. he teaches more than 1,60,0000 peoples through his youtube channel in a day.

his way of teaching is lucid that he becomes the most famous teacher in the digital world within no time. Khan sir Patna not only teaches students but also the parents of students. he is 28 years old now. he belongs to the Indian Muslim community. He loves teaching. In his class, he makes fun of CBSE students as well as Pakistan. His course fees are very less.

Basic information of khan sir Patna/ khan sir wiki

This basic information about khan sir is trusted and error-proof. most of the websites provide fake information.

Name Khan sir Patna
Real name of khan sirFaizal khan
Popular name Khan sir
Institute nameKhan GS research center
Application name Khan sir official
Date of birth1993
Age 28 years
statussingle, Engaged
Birth Place Uttar pradesh
Present address Bihar
Home TownBihar
ReligionMuslim (Hindustani )
College Allahabad university
schoolingGorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)
EducationBSC physics owners, PhD
khans sir Biodata, khan sir wiki

15+ Amazing facts about Faizal Khan sir Patna only a few people Know

  1. He is very kindhearted
  2. He is very disciplined
  3. he is still unmarried
  4. He is very passionate to teach poor family background child
  5. he runs an “Anath Ashram”
  6. He loves India more than his own
  7. He wanted to change the education system of India and make it accessible for all.
  8. He is a simple living man
  9. He loves the Indian army and Bharat Mata so much
  10. Khan sir Patna has a straightforward and unique style of teaching. which suits everyone.
  11. Khan sir GS patna donated 20-30% of his income to charity work for the poor’s welfare.
  12. He teaches free to Poor students.
  13. He still doesn’t have luxurious cars and luxurious things.
  14. He has the vision to make Bihar as it was in the time of ancient.
  15. Khan Sir is teaching more than 16 lakhs students through his application.

khan sir real name amit singh/real name of khan sir/ amit singh khan sir

Amit Singh is not the real name of khan sir. as everybody knows khan sir is very teacher, so once in a mockery in his class khan sir tells his student that “peoples call him Amit Singh” which was just fun by sir. also this thing is accepted by sir publically. you can watch the below video for more satisfaction. 

Khan Sir or faizal khan sir | khan sir name is Faizal khan.

This is also not sure but it is probably more trustable that khan sir name is Faizal khan. this is also because his institute name is khan GS research center, and this is known to all that any brand name is derived from some meaningful and relatable story. now, these days khan sir Patna is also known by the name faizal khan sir.

As we all know people basically call anyone by his title or nickname instead of the full name so Faizal khan can be the name of Khan sir. but this name is also not publically accepted by the khan sir Patna so we can not accept this blindly, although khan sir Patna accepted that his title is KHAN. you can watch this small video(from the span of 9-10 min/ watch only from 9 min to 10 minutes) for more satisfaction. Although what do you think which name is best khan sir or Faizal khan sir, please do comment.

Faizal khan sir controversy/#ReportOnKhanSir

These days khan sir is in news and trending on tweeter for his videos Israeli–Palestinian Conflict. you can watch this video by clicking on this given link. khan sir controversy/#ReportOnKhanSir these things are only propaganda of hatters to defame khan sir or to know the real name of khan sir. you can watch this small video given below for more satisfaction and clarity about the matter in a short time.

 khan sir Patna real name , real name of khan sir [Faizal khan Amit singh], khan sir patna
Khan sir patna

#Reportonkhansir, khan sir Patna real name /real name of khan sir [Faizal khan/ Amit singh]



What is real name of Khan Sir?

What’s real name of Khan Sir of Khan GS Research Centre in Patna?
‘ Khan Sir ’ was trending on Twitter for that moment. The reason behind this is Some of his viral tapes are being seen as hurting the sentiments of a particular religion or some chunk of Muslim people and his hater.

Several Twitter addicts have claimed his real name is Amit Singh. They’ve also affirmed that he’s a right bloc agent working against a particular religion and trying to defame that particular religion. Well, we aren’t presently interested in getting into what he has said and why. Rather, this composition is aimed at tracing his real name through whatever 411 is available on the web as ‘ Khan sir ’s whereabouts are beyond our reach amid lockdown in Bihar and all over India.

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Before getting into his real name, let ’s first look at this popular question who’s Khan sir?

Well, Khan Sir is social media sensation for a long time, big-name for his online tutorials on General Studies contents. His tape tutorials on GS and current contents attract millions and millions of views. What attracts bystanders is his no-holds-barred freestyle of speaking and his Bihari tone of teaching.

What’s real name of Khan Sir? Let’s deep dive

The Twiterrati moment and google also may make you believe that his real name is Amit Singh. But this isn’t true. this is totally fake.

There’s a conundrum and mystry behind Khan Sir ’s real name. And probably, this conundrum is there because he likes it that way and wanted this mystery to go long.

In an interview to Syed Firdaus Ashraf last period during interview, Khan Sir had revealed he wanted his name to be a secret name, just like people wanted to know about why Katappa killed Baahubali in Baahubali movie.

“ Let that be a secret, I request you. I want it to be a secret like people wanted to know Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyon maara? ” he was quoted as saying this line.

In the same interview with Firdaus, Khan Sir had also revealed the secret behind the name ‘ Amit Singh ’.

The canvasser had asked why he was associated on Truecaller as Amit Singh. Khan Sir had replied to this with a cute laugh, saying that, he named himself as Amit Singh on Truecaller knowingly to miseald people because he did not want to be disturbed unnecessarily from unwanted people.

According to the report, Khan Sir ’s Grandpa’s name was Iqbal Ahmed Khan.

khan sir classes | khan sirpatna | khan sir gs research

i have been to patna a few month back for some personal work. then i decidede to see the khan sir classes, khan sirpatna, khan sir gs research centre in patna. i clicked some of the photos of khan sir classes, khan sir patna, khan sir gs research centre.  

khan sir classes,khan sirpatna,khan sir gs research
khan sir classes,khan sirpatna,khan sir gs research


khan sir classes,khan sirpatna,khan sir gs research
khan sir classes,khan sirpatna,khan sir gs research


khan sir classes,khan sirpatna,khan sir gs research
khan sir classes,khan sirpatna,khan sir gs research

Khan sir videos

In new videos of khan sir. he replies to all questions of controversy like Amit Singh khan sir, khan sir Patna, khan sir Patna real name, khan sir real name, Amit Singh, the real name of khan sir, in a single video. you can see the video here.


for more: Khan sir official youtube channel-

Khan sir official facebook page :

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FAQ’s about Khan sir Patna real name

What is the real name of khan sir Patna?

Real name of khan sir Patna is Faizal khan.

Is Khan Sir’s real name Amit Singh?

No, not at all. khan sir’s real name is not Amit Singh but he is popularly as Khan sir . his real name is FAIZAL KHAN. you can see above all reference for more satisfaction.

Who is Khan sir in Patna?

Khan sir in Patna is a teacher who runs his institute(Khan GS research center) for different types of competitive exams and government job exams. his home town is UP but run’s his institute in Patna. He also runs his application on google play store for students where more than millions of students are enrolled currently. he teaches GS full courses like geography, economics, history, etc.

Who is the owner of Khan GS Research Centre?

Most famous teacher Khan sir (Faizal khan) is the owner of Khan GS Research Centre Patna.

How do I contact Khan sir?

you can contact khan sir Patna on this number. Contact Number: 8757354880, 8877918018
Full Address of the coaching center of Khan Sir Patna: – Musallahpur Haat, Chak Musallapur, Koiritola, Patna, Bihar 800004

Is Khan Sir vegetarian?

No, khan sir Patna is not a vegetarian. he also eat non-veg but on special occasion.

How old is Khan Sir Patna?

Right now as of 2021 khan sir Patna is of 28 years old young man.

What is the income of Khan Sir Patna?

The income of khan sir Patna is 7 to 8 figures., as because khan sir’s source of income is vast extended. he earns from his application, he earns from his youtube, he earns from his offline institute, he earns from his publisher for his books. in a round figure, his income per month including all of his earning sources must be more than crores in a month.

What is Khan GS Research Centre?

Khan GS research Centre is a very trusted and best institute of GS (General science) for all types of competitive exams. In khan GS research centre more thousands of students study together in a single batch. many students hardly get admission there because of overcrowding. In GS research centre khan sir taught all subjects of general science for various competitive exams.

Faizal Khan sir Patna Raju Srivastav video

Khan sir Patna in news

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