Patna Chaiwali | Priyanka Gupta Chaiwali | Graduate Chaiwali  Biography

Hello friends how are you? I hope everything will be Fine. today In this post I’ll share Patna Chaiwali | Priyanka Gupta Chaiwali | Graduate Chaiwali  Biography.

In this post we’ll Share everything about Patna Chaiwali | Priyanka Gupta chaiwali | Graduate Chaiwali.

she has completed her graduation in economic from Banaras Hindu university. after she started preparing for government job but she got frustrated in between the journey and started her own Chai Business to become financial free and to support Atmanirbhar Bharat.

she started selling her chai infront of Patna mahila college from 11th of April 2022. as she is very young and intelligent , people started noticing her work and appreciating her work. within a few week of his Business she made good amount of money out of her Chai Business and got viral on internet too.

she belongs to middle class family of Bihar, that’s why when she failed to get a job in government sector she decided not to go home but started her own Chai Business. She got inspiration from MBA chaiwala | Prafull Billore. she has variety of chai flavor. Right now she is serving 5 flavor of chai pan chai, chocolate chai, Adrak chai, elichee chai, simple chai.

her chai cost range from 15-20 rupees only. 15 rupees for simple chai and 20 rupees for flavored chai.

her Banner punch line is “Pinna to Padega”.

Priyanka Gupta Chaiwali | Graduate Chaiwali

As you all know Everybody knows Priyanka Gupta Chaiwali. She is famous for her Attitude. she is internet sensation now a days. many big star came to meet her. many media channel cover her in their news. People are Queuing infront of her chai stall. she is making good profit everyday. in one of her videos she told she earned 12 thousands rupees in that days. So on an average She is making 2-3 Lakhs per months. Her income might fluctuate according to the number of customers.

Priyanka Gupta Chaiwali Achievement | Graduate Chaiwali Achievement

  1. she meet with Great south Indian actor Vijay Deverakonda
  2. She meet with Big Bhojpuri industry star actress Akshara Singh
  3. She meet with Great Mathmatics teacher for General competition Abhinay Sharma
  4. She is invited in Ted talks
  5. She meet with indian Great beaurocrates IAS Sanjay Goyal
  6. She meet with MBA chaiwala (CEO)
  7. she meet with Chai sutta Bar (CEO)
  8. She meet with Great media person Er. Manish kashyap
  9. she was invited in Vibrant Bihar Global Summit and awarded with may awards.
  10. she is very hard working and her achievement list is continued…..

Priyanka Gupta Graduate Chaiwali Social Media account

  1. Priyanka Gupta Graduate Chaiwali instagram id
  2. Priyanka Gupta Graduate Chaiwali Youtube account
  3. Priyanka Gupta Graduate Chaiwali Linkedin id
  4. Priyanka Gupta Graduate Chaiwali Twitter id
  5. Priyanka Gupta Graduate Chaiwali FB page id
  6. Priyanka Gupta Graduate Chaiwali Website link

Patna Chaiwali | Priyanka Gupta Chaiwali | Graduate Chaiwali  Videos

Till now priyanka gupta chaiwali has given many interview. Actress Akshra singh also meet with Graduate chaiwali/patna chaiwali and test her chai publicaly.

Priyanka Gupta chaiwali struggle videos.
Akshara Singh meet with Graduate chaiwali | Priyanka Gupta chaiwali
Graduate Chaiwali income report

Patna Chaiwali | Priyanka Gupta | Graduate Chaiwali Photo

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