what is vector and raster graphics

[2022] what is vector and raster graphics?

If you wanted to learn graphics designing then it very important for you to know what is vector graphics and what is raster graphics. Without knowing the difference between vector and raster it’ll be very difficult for you to learn graphics designing because vector and raster is a very important term of graphics designing.

There are two types of computer graphics.

  1. Vector graphics
  2. Raster graphics

what is Vector graphics: any graphics/objects which is made up of line, curve, point or any basic objects is known as vector graphics.

Vector graphics are scalable 

It is made up of mathematical calculation/geometry calculated

Quality remains the same on “Zoom in” and “Zoom out”

More preferred for printing purpose due less in size

Important file-formats of vector graphics

  • Adobe Illustrator (.AI)
  • Encapsulated postscript (.EPS)
  • portable document format (.PDF)
  • scalable vector graphics (.SVG)

Vector graphics use mathematics calculation so it adjusts itself on “Zoom in” and “Zoom out” and that’s why the size of vector graphics is very less in comparison to raster graphics.

what is Raster graphics: Any graphics which is made up of pixels are known as raster graphics. It is very easy to differentiate between Vector and raster. When you zoom your raster graphics it’ll show pixels.

  • raster graphics are not scalable 
  • It is made up of pixels
  • Quality decreases/blur on “Zoom in” and “Zoom out”

Important file-formats of raster graphics

  • portable network graphics (.png)
  • joint photographics experts group (.jpeg)
  • graphics interchange format (.gif)
  • tagged image format file (.tiff)

Conclusion of vector and raster graphics

Both the graphics vector and raster graphics are used in graphics designing according to their use. Both are equally important in Graphics designing.

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